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The Challenge

The main challenge with this website was to create a simplistic 1-page where the user won’t even need to scroll. All information had to fit into the screen so that visitors of that site would instantly get the information they require. Another challenge that we faced was the fact that this client was based in the UK which made communication a challenge.

What we did to tackle it? Innovative ideas?

To tackle the challenge of fitting everything into 1 screen we had to:

  1. Gather the requirements
  2. Analyze them
  3. Find the absolute key elements to be displayed in the website
  4. Create the informational architecture to ensure that not only is all the information being held in that 1 screen but it also easy to comprehend

To us, communication between client and our team was another aspect which dictates success from failure.

  1. To create a personalized custom website, we keep our clients on JIRA and keep in constant contact with them, sharing our progress throughout the process.
  2. This is also done by weekly emails, ad hoc phone calls and usage of communication platforms such as WhatsApp to ensure that the client is always in the loop.


This client had a very simple goal and that was create a platform to increase client outreach. A simplistic page where clients can go to contact them.

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