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UI/UX Design

The Challenge

Our client from the US wanted an app which could sync with health devices such as blood-glucose meters, continuous glucose monitoring devices and also wearable devices such as Fitbit, apple watches. The data synced would be used to create personalized health plans, conduct trend analysis, share data with medical staff and send out notifications on whether the user of the app is on the right health track.

What we did to tackle it? Innovative ideas?

There are many apps such as this on the market however the key that we found to making this unique was simplicity in design.

  1. First step was requirement analysis. We made sure we knew everything there was to know and create a logical flow of the app.
  2. Then our UI/UX designer stepped in spoke to the clients over in the USA to understand what sort of feel they were putting out for the app.
  3. This also included research into various other apps and did a comprehensive study on colours, themes and designs to create a colour scheme and design that would go along with what the client wanted to portray of the app.


This particular client wanted to create this app but before proceeding to develop the app, their primary goal was to foresee how their app would look like. Our UI/UX and requirement team had helped them envision what their app could possibly be.

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